Ballroom classes

Classes are a great way to learn ballroom dancing in a social environment.  Whether you want to come along with friends for a social evening or meet new people, or even just to find a new way of keeping fit whilst learning a new skill.

A new dance starts on the first Thursday of every month and continues throughout the month. For newcomers please come along the first Thursday of the month when a new dance routine will start. Each month alternates between a Ballroom dance and a Latin American dance.

Class times and venues

Which class should I go to?


Ideal for those who are completely new to Ballroom dancing.

During the course of a month you will learn the most basic steps of a particular dance. The steps covered in this class are of Bronze medal standard or suitable for a social setting. By the end of the month you will have an understanding of the rhythm of the dance and the beats at which the dance is counted. The very basic footwork and technique will also be taught. Not all of the steps that cover the beginners level will be learnt during one month but there is a chance to learn the remaining steps the next time the dance is covered. At the end of the month you will feel confident enough with a dance to perform it maybe as a first dance at your wedding, on a holiday cruise ship, socially at future dancing events or to impress that special someone!


For those who know the basic moves and want to learn more. If the Beginners classes now have you hooked and you feel you want to continue that journey by learning more and challenging yourself further then the Improvers class is the perfect next step for you.

The Improvers class covers steps of a Silver medal standard. Assuming you know the steps of Bronze medal standard this class moves onto the next level covering steps that are slightly more challenging and exciting. In the Ballroom dances you will understand how to perform a combination of steps that will move around the room correctly, enabling you to become more aware of the dance floor and the direction you are moving around it. In the Latin dances you will learn more complex turns and faster moves.


Ballroom dancing experience required. An understanding of all basic ballroom dancing moves is recommended before attending an intermediate level class.

The steps covered in this class are of Gold medal standard and beyond. You will learn in the Latin dances more solo moves. Men will learn how to lead and ladies to follow more complex moves where the men and ladies steps can now be very different to each other and therefore require much stronger leads from the man and more awareness from the lady. Timing of movements become more challenging.

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