What is Pilates?

Pilates is a combination of strength and mobility exercises to achieve postural improvement.

Working with a neutral pelvis and mild contraction of the deep abdominals, spinal stability can be achieved and consequently benefits gained. A strong centre helps to strengthen and support your spine and promotes postural awareness through all types of activity and also in daily life.

What are the benefits?

The Pilates Technique has been used by dancers and professional athletes for many years, but is now becoming a popular method to generate well being. Benefits gained include improved posture, quality of breathing and ease of movement. Clients with asthma, reduced mobility or back pain brought about by poor posture benefit greatly and relatively quickly from Pilates. Anyone with no specific problems can improve their core strength, flexibility and body awareness, therefore reducing the risk of possible injuries.

Pre & Postnatal Pilates

I am also trained and qualified in pre and post-natal pilates. Back pain during pregnancy is very common due to the changes within the body. Pilates can help to improve posture throughout your pregnancy, support your back and pelvis. It also concentrates on pelvic floor muscles to help prepare for birth and to promote a quick recovery. Pilates is a safe and effective way to exercise and can be practiced throughout your pregnancy and within days afterwards.

Qualified Instructors

It is extremely important when signing up to any form of pilates class that the instructor is fully qualified in the technique. I trained with the Pilates Institute in Central London and over the years have developed my teaching knowledge further. I now hold a Level 3 Diploma certificate for Pilates which is the highest standard qualification there is in this very specified technique.

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